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9 Reasons To Harness the Power of Testimonials

“Engelberg, Switzerland has the best powder and the friendliest, most knowledgeable mountain guides”- William Ellis

A Day Out With The Mountain Guides, Engelberg, Switzerland.

Testimonial 1: Powder Days with the Engelberg Mountain Guides

I love to go skiing and I particularly like powder snow. I often go to Engelberg where the guides are friendly and the powder is deep. I’ve made a few freeride videos with my friend Werner Braun, which we’ve put on Youtube. The great thing about Youtube is that you can track the number of views. To date we’ve had 692 views. However, what are the potential benefits to the Guides’ business?

Testimonial 2: Prime Ski school’s Guestbook

Another of Prime's happy customers.

The Guides’ office is shared by Prime Ski School. It’s run by a young entrepreneur called Armin. It’s a friendly ski school and unsurprisingly it’s doing very well.

In Prime’s first year they had a stroke of luck; a journalist for the UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph wrote a glowing article about his ski lesson. Having read the article, I suggested to Armin that he display this in the office and on his website. Next, we discussed the benefits of putting testimonials on his website and he came up with the phrase “what people say about us”.  Armin understands that his business, like any business, is about satisfying customers. He knows that from their feedback he can improve his offer to clients. A great way to get instant feedback is through social media. Unsurprisingly Armin’s realised this too; Prime’s website has a Guestbook section, Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo links. On each of these you can leave a comment. Without having Youtube’s statistics to hand, what are the potential benefits of Prime’s testimonials?

Testimonial Facts: Users who write reviews view the site 9x more often.

The McKinsey-Jupiter Media Metrix study (2001) found that review writers view a site 9x more often, they are twice as loyal and almost twice as likely to buy products.


Giving your customers the opportunity to write testimonials is a powerful way to create a community around your company, help your customers promote your business and boost future sales.


The McKinsey-Jupiter Media Metrix study is “very” old (2001). However, I think it’s even more relevant for business today. You only have to look at reviews on Amazon to see this theory in action. If you know of more recent studies please let me know.

Further Reading: Huba, J. and McConnell, B. (2007) “Creating Customer Evangelists – How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force”. Chicago, USA, Kaplan.


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