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26 Reasons To Love Those Who Complain

Dinner at a Malay restaurant in Berlin where there were no complaints.

Don’t you just hate it when people complain?

I remember going out with a feisty girl at university who always insisted on telling the restaurant manager if the service or food had not met our expectations. She would make her detailed complaint and then politely ask for a reduction on the bill in appreciation of her helpful comments. I admit, I found each episode embarrassing although I admired her for her pluck. In fact, I’d much rather have left disappointed with the restaurant than actively complained at all.

If you felt this way then you are not alone.

Ratio of those who complain to those who don’t

The ratio of those who are dissatisfied and complain to those who don’t complain is 1 : 26 (Huba, J. and McConnell, B. [2007]). That is a pretty amazing statistic.


Therefore I recommend that next time someone complains, thank him or her profusely; in all probability 26 others have already felt the same way. In conclusion, we really should learn to love those who complain.

Further Reading: Huba, J. and McConnell, B. (2007) “Creating Customer Evangelists – How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force”. Chicago, USA, Kaplan.

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  1. I spoke to my father about this post to learn about his experience of getting feedback as a University lecturer teaching medical students. He said that often the students who asked the most questions were the ones who became the greatest supporters in the coming years.

    October 17, 2011

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