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Are You an Adopter or a Laggard? Roger’s Technology Life Cycle: Embracing the Future.

Roger’s technology life-cycle

Roger’s technology life-cycle showing move from my current position (x) of “late majority” to “early adopter” (graphic: BlueSkunkBlog, 2011).

Technology, love it or hate it; it certainly makes life easier.

Hydra, Greece.

I was recently on holiday on the small island of Hydra in Greece. Although the house in which I was staying did have running water and electricity, the drinking water had to be drawn each morning from the well outside. This involved letting the bucket down on a long, long rope into the depths of the well and then hauling up the full bucket before siphoning the water into containers. It took a long time and it was hot, hard work. What amazed me was how many of the locals were doing the same. Even more surprising was the fact that nobody had installed a pulley to help draw the water. The application of a little technology would have made the whole exercise so much easier.

My MBA studies have caused me to reflect on my views on technology. They made me realise that I was starting to fall into the criteria of the “late majority”. Throughout the course and in particular in my last module “the Application of Management Skills” I saw how once great industries had failed to keep up with technology. To remain relevant and innovative we must constantly scan the horizon for new technologies that may change or influence our industry. The example of Brooklands (the original formula 1 UK race track) which quickly became obsolete due to lack of improvements shows just how quickly a business or an industry can become obsolete.

The same goes for us all. The diagram above shows my intended progress from technophobe (ish) to technophile. Starting this blog has been another small step in the right direction.

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